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Our Goal

Our sessions are designed to ensure a healthy mixture of challenge, safety, proper technique, and good old fashion fun. This approach allows the keeper to feel at ease, be in-tune during the session, and able to learn the various mental, physical, technical and tactical aspects of the position. Our ultimate goal is to help your son or daughter become premier and reach their peak through a custom tailored, player-first training approach

Coach Jake with Remy + Xavier Ly_August 2023.jpg

Our Values

  • Player safety: Our sessions are designed with safety as a prime pillar.

  • Individually Tailored Development: Our keeper-first training plans are designed around the keepers’ abilities, and goals.

  • Holistic Training Approach: Our on-field training combines the mental, physical, technical, and tactical aspects of the position to ensure holistic development.

  • Integrity: We pride ourselves on clear communication, delivering on our promises, and setting realistic expectations for both keepers and their parents.

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